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We have made a list of some useful resources that we use in the ministry of Love Hobart to help get you started in Evangelism.


A True Story of Freedom
Designed by Love Hobart creative art team with Ark House Press.
Our very own evangelism booklet. Please contact us if you would like one sent to you or if you would like some to give out.

Let's GO - Fearless Evangelism BOOK

This book by Helen Devenish tells of her journey into evangelism from being a stay-at-home Mum, homeschooling her 9 children, to the call to obey the Great Commission of Jesus to 'GO!' and share the Gospel with the lost. The book is also filled with stories from the ministry of Love Hobart and shows many practical ways of sharing the Gospel. It is full of training tips in evangelism as well as insights into how to become bold, how to share the Gospel in 1 minute and how to overcome fear. Available from Amazon/ and Booktopia.

To read an article about evangelism by Helen in Devenish in Sight magazine please click here.

To listen to a short radio interview Helen did on evangelism with Neil Johnson from Vision 20Twenty please click here.

Here’s a 25 minute podcast of Helen being interviewed by Tina Waldrom from Evangelism in Australia.



Practical training by Helen Devenish and team.
Our very first Fearless Evangelism training seminar was recorded.
Sessions 1 & 2 listen to here.

Sessions 3 & 4 listen to here.

Sessions 5 & 6 listen to here.

Street Evangelism

Here’s a couple of videos of Helen on the streets of Hobart answering questions and sharing the Gospel.

Abstract Background

How to Overcome Porn

Helen Devenish has discipled people through to victory in overcoming porn addiction. An article by Helen with helpful tips on how to overcome porn addiction can be viewed here.

Creation Ministries

We use resources from Creation Ministries to help people with questions on creation etc.


AUDIO: If you would like to listen to a selection of sermons from Love Hobart’s Sunday services please visit our page.

VIDEO: Check out our Youtube channel here for our latest sermons.
Below are some sermons for easy viewing.

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