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 Love Hobart is an outreach ministry in the city of Hobart, Tasmania. 

Our aim is to be imitators of Jesus, preach the Gospel, and make Disciples



Love Hobart church meeting is every Sunday at 4:30pm at Criterion House, Mathers Lane, Hobart.

We are a church that believes the Word of God in its entirety and that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are still for today.

Abstract Background


Simply put it is that Christ died for our sins on the cross and on the third day rose again, so that all who will repent and believe will be saved.

Let me explain…
We have all sinned against God, whether ‘big’ sins like murder, violence etc. or so-called ‘little’ sins like a white lie, drunkenness, unforgiveness etc.
No matter how hard we try we cannot be good enough to go to heaven because we have all sinned and fallen short of Gods standard of perfection.
That’s the bad news. But…

There’s good news. God the Father loved us (all of mankind) so very much that He sent His Only Son, Jesus, to this earth, to die in our place, as a willing substitute for our sins. How amazing that God loves us so much and that Jesus was willing to lay down His life as a willing sacrifice for our sins! We didn’t deserve it, but that’s how much God loves us.

So how do we receive the gift of salvation? The Bible says we must be born again and that happens when we repent and believe. We need to believe that Jesus Christ is Gods Son and that He died on the cross for our sin and on the third day rose again.

We also need to repent. What does it mean to repent? Literally it means to have a change of mind: this is outworked by a genuine desire to ask God to forgive our sin, with the intention of turning right away from our sin.
The Holy Spirit comes and lives in those who are born again and He helps us to walk in obedience to God, and to stay way from sin.

As Christians we pray, read the Bible, praise God, and meet with other Christians so we can grow and encourage each other to be like JESUS.

And each of us are commissioned to go share with others this Good News.


AUDIO: If you would like to listen to a selection of sermons from Love Hobart’s Sunday services please visit our page.

VIDEO: Check out our Youtube channel here for our latest sermons.
Below are some sermons for easy viewing.


Contact Us



GPO Box 194

Hobart 7001​Australia


Sunday, 4:30 pm

Criterion House, Mathers Lane, Hobart

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